A Day of a Co-worker

by Carla V.

Being a coworker at Clanabogan, what is it like? 

For me, being a coworker means falling asleep every night as soon as my head touches the pillow. It means being completely knocked out after a long day and sleeping the best and deepest sleep ever.

It means belonging somewhere, doing something useful, making the world a bit better.

It means having a purpose, having a strong connection to the people I live and work with, to the animals I look after and to the nature that surrounds me. 

It means getting to know myself, my abilities and strengths and as I was  working on the farm it also means getting to know my body and what it can do.

I don’t think anyone who goes to Clanabogan returns as the same person, you give a lot but a part of your heart will stay there. 

You receive a forever home, a chosen family and memories that will stay for the rest of your life.

Carla was a volunteer from summer 2016-2017, and has been coming back to Clanabogan regularly since!