Community Life

Community life in Clanabogan is built on relationships. We strive to develop meaningful, equal relationships, regardless of a person’s level of ability. Everyone benefits from the reciprocal relationships in communities, and great value is placed on connections and friendships.

Social life takes place in the households and in our shared spaces where we live and work together and participate in our various cultural activities both within the community and in the wider local community.

Clanabogan has a rich and varied cultural life. We get together to make music, perform plays and celebrate a range of festivals including Michaelmas, Advent, Easter, Christmas, Whitsun and St John’s. Celebrating festivals helps us to mark the passing of the year, and creates a rhythm and stability in our lives.

We support people to express themselves creatively through crafts, music and drama. These activities are fun, but also help people to develop new skills and confidence.

Other members of the multi-disciplinary team also visit, for example podiatry, GPs, community nurses, speech and language and occupational therapy.

This provides a holistic approach to community life within Clanabogan.