Work Life

Sustainable agriculture and horticulture and renewable energy projects are very important activities in the community and provide healthy and meaningful work as well as enhancing people's awareness of the environment, the seasons and the land on which they live. Milk and milk products, meat, grain, vegetables and fruits are produced using biodynamic farming methods.

The farm and garden are Demeter certified, guaranteeing safe, holistic and sustainable care of the land.

Baking, weaving, ceramics, woodwork and other handicrafts are being developed in workshops where groups of people learn to work sociably and creatively to produce useful and beautiful things. Bakery products, craft work and other items are sold.

The work people do is not only therapeutic but is also essential for the life of the Community and this in itself is rewarding.

There is a lot to do to make houses comfortable and homely for everyone, and cooking, cleaning and laundry are all done by inhabitants of the community.